Five Rivers Global Search specialises in the following five business areas:

Systematic Proprietary Trading

  • We’ve worked on mandates in High Frequency FX and Equities, through to medium horizon Statistical Arbitrage, CTA Futures Trend Following as well as longer term FX Global Macro/TAA and Equity Stock Selection models.
  • We’ve also worked on projects to provide seeding capital to prop traders looking to launch their own high-frequency prop trading firms.
  • We aim to provide clients with a deeper analysis of the strategy (Sharpe/ Sortino ratios), data used, risk management methodology and capital employed.

Flow Electronic Trading

  • We have completed searches for senior and mid-level quantitative researchers, product managers and eTrading salespeople within Automated Market Making and Algorithmic Trading in Equities, FX and Rates.
  • We pride ourselves in developing a deep understanding of specific needs (often very niche e.g., Multi-Objective Optimisation or eTrading analytics sales) and also matching the personality and aspirations of client and candidate.

Quantitative Analytics and Risk

  • We cover junior to senior quantitative analysts working in pricing, structuring and trading across all asset classes.
  • We cover Chief Risk Officer’s (CROs) and Risk Managers at Hedge Funds and Investment Banks.

Sales and Marketing

  • Within sell-side clients, our work is focused on eTrading salespeople.
  • For hedge fund clients, we cover Asset Raisers from junior to senior level focused on different types of investors/ geographies as well as Investor Relations professionals.

Information Technology

  • Primarily for our hedge fund clients, we’ve recruited technology specialists that specialise in niche technologies (low latency C++, grid, kdb+) for quantitative trading and risk systems.