We adopt a systematic approach to Search and offer the following:


On a retainer or exclusive role, where failure to hire is not an option, we work closely with clients to:

  • Construct a job description, background, performance metrics and key deliverables.
  • Agree a long list of likely target firms and whittle down to key target firms.
  • Map and reference target firms to identify potential candidates.
  • Approach and interview potential candidates to ensure fit for profile.
  • Deliver shortlist of candidates for interview and close successful candidate to completion.

On a contingent role, done for a select few PSL clients, we qualify the role in detail, source and headhunt the best candidates for the role and manage through to completion.


We work with candidates looking for new opportunities:

  • Work consultatively to build a CV, business plan and clarify desired role and type of firm.
  • Construct a long list of likely and relevant firms to approach and clear it with the candidate.
  • Confidentially approach long list of firms to establish interest in such a profile (no names).
  • Shortlist interested firms and send in CV/business plan with the candidates permission.
  • Impartially prepare candidate and manage interview processes to place candidate in new role.

Research Projects

We work with clients who hire us to deliver research projects such as competitor analysis, market mapping and compensation comparison reports.